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130 S. Lone Oak Rd, Leesburg

We live in the world's wealthiest nation. Yet  50.2 million Americans, including 17.2 million children—struggle to

put food on the table, or 1 child in 3 goes undernourished

every day. ‘’Isn’t it time we all Join Hands’’?

First Pres. Bike-A-Thon

We are a equal opportunity food provider

On the second Friday of every month volunteers from First Presbyterian Church and Gloria Dei Lutheran Church gather at 130 South Lone Oak Drive in Leesburg to distribute food free of charge to qualified applicants.

The food ministry project originally began in October 2010 when members of Gloria Dei made its first distribution after being confirmed by the United Way of Lake and Sumter Counties as a member of the Human Resource Network. This qualified Gloria Dei to receive food for distribution from Second Harvest in Orlando, as well as other non-profit, private and government sponsored food warehouses. The project was so successful that Gloria Dei reached out to its neighbor at First Presbyterian Church and a non-profit corporation, Joining Hands in Food Ministry (JHIFM), was born.

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How to Qualify for Free Food


Joining Hands in Food Ministry